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 The Scourge Of Monotheism

Origin Of The Mythological Heaven

Resurrection Myth Explained


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From The Author:   

Religion exists at two Levels – the Exoteric and the Esoteric. To put it bluntly, the exoteric level is meant for the profane. The exoteric literal level of religious philosophy is pure idiocy. To think that the fantastic Tales of demons and multi-headed monsters and miraculous events of every stripe, such as making the sun stand still, dividing the Red Sea, destroying the world by flood and all the other related nonsense is accepted without hesitation, on the basis of Faith, is astonishing. Nevertheless, it is so.

The Esoteric Level of religion is a Science that is mathematical, coherent, logical and provable. But this science of Truth is veiled by the masque of mythology. Some are repulsed by this masque and unfortunately turn away and denounce all concepts that support the possible existence of a Creator God Force. The great majority accepts the myth at face value – believe it or not. But fortunately, there are some that choose the path of Investigation, of which you and I are a part.

Within this vast incomprehensible universe, this planet indeed this solar system is no more than one grain of sand on one beach amongst trillions of other grains amongst trillions of other beaches. This is astronomical fact, not hyperbole – ask any astronomer whether the forgoing statement is true or not and they might say that I have overstated our significance within the universe. Nevertheless, we have the gall to take our Tribal gods that over time have been elevated to National gods and Regional gods (because of the political, financial, and military advances of their adherents) and appoint these fabled deities as the creators and sustainers of all that exist. How ridiculous this is!

Within the bible the biblical Editors give the name of god as “I Am”, which is the short form. The fuller expression was “I Am Becoming” (Evolving). I suggest that this is the best of names that any deity or person could possess.

I have written five books on the subject of religious myth and symbolism. The first was "The Biggest Lie Ever Told" followed over the years by the series of books titled "The Astrological Foundation Of The Christ Myth" - Books One , Two and Three and Four.

The purpose of these books is to explain the seminal relationship between Astronomy, Myth and Modern Religion. The books prove that ancient Myth/Religion was, in fact, a written pictorial (symbolic) record of the celestial movements within the Cosmos, under the Type of Mythical Deities. The History of the biblical Jesus Christ is drawn from the symbolical history of prior Sun Deities. His birth through to his death , as represented in the bible, is a symbolical representation of the annual Sun Cycle and other cycles at different levels of interpretation. The Symbolisms are Thoroughly explained in my Books. I have chosen the History of Jesus Christ, within the Gospels, as a means of showing the Astronomical correlations between the life of Christ and other Solar Deities. Most of the biblical sagas of the Old Testament and the corresponding tales within the Islamic Quran contain the same mythical symbolisms as the biblical Jesus. The history of the Children of Israel, in the bible, is pure Symbolism. Likewise for the history of Abraham, Noah, Solomon and Most of the other biblical notables. Their births, Lives and Deaths, are allegorical representations of Solar/Lunar/Cosmic and Agricultural cycles.

My books interpret and explain this Ancient Symbolism. The bible is replete with stories of miraculous events. This holds true for events described in the Old Testament , as well as the Gospels and Quran. Should these fables be taken literally? Or, Is there a Rational , Provable interpretation of the various incredible events described in the bible and other mythical scriptures and tales. Is there an heretofore hidden code or codes that when understood can bring to Light , the True meaning of the Biblical Scriptures? The answer is Yes!

Think of It! Did Jonah actually live within the belly of a Fish (Whale) for three days, and then emerge as a living being? Think of what we are saying, when we take such a story as the literal Truth. Did the Israelites actually cross the floor of the Red Sea after the waters pulled back and made a path for their transit? Does belief in God require the literal belief in any tale, even when it defies All common sense and logic, and sanity? And the many Miracles ascribed to Jesus in the Bible , from walking on water, to forty days being tempted by the Devil, raising a dead man to life , after three days of decomposition (A Gory Thought), His being crucified between two thieves at Golgotha, Is all this the Literal Truth, or is there an underlying meaning that begs our investigation. Again, the answer is Yes!

There are esoteric interpretations to All of the Fables in the Bible and other mythical scriptures - interpretations that are mathematically provable and scientific.  If you are one of those In Search Of True Light, then my books  may prove worthy of your inspection


Malik H Jabbar



 Welcome ,This Site provides information on the mythological origins of all universal religions. Religious scriptures (including the Quran, Torah and Bible) are a Registry of Astronomical phenomena written in a Mythological format. The evolution of our modern Religious Concepts began with Astronomy, and evolved through Mythology and Astrology into modern religion. Many of the Hebrew Myth Concepts are traceable to Ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia. Jesus Christ, the Sun God, is a Cosmic Myth - on a par with Osirus, Horus, Samson, Adonis, Moses, Abraham, Solomon, Noah, Krishna, Mithra, Quetzalcoatl and many other solar Demigods. Evidence clearly shows that the 12 Apostles were symbols of Zodiac Signs, and that Jesus Christ symbolized a Sun God and in some aspects a Moon God. It is clear that the Tales within the bible are Allegorical depictions of the interactions between elements of the Cosmos.





The Scourge Of Monotheism


Resurrection Myth Explained


Origin Of The Mythological Heaven

The Bible, Quran And Torah Are Registries Of Astronomical And Environmental Phenomena Written In A Mythological Format. 

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The Astrological Foundation Of The Christ Myth
by Malik H. Jabbar


Book Review By Viola Wilkinson



"One of the cruelest frauds ever perpetrated against humanity is the lie that a certain people is more cherished and beloved by God than other members of the human family. The lie that God Almighty has ordained a certain people as his Chosen is a sham unmatched in the annals of history. ... . This lie is an abominable affront to the Character and Honor of God."

" The biblical tale concerning the Children of Israel fits into the same category as the other myths within the Bible. It is an allegorical account of the Sun Deity. The Children of Israel in the old testament are synonymous to the Jesus Christ of the new testament. The triumphs and struggles of the Israelites are in direct parallel to the triumphs and struggles of the Christ. " "The Ancients formulated their Mythology (Religion) after astronomical phenomena. They saw this as the best way to connect with the Creator God. This was done by patterning their religious rituals in accordance with the most visible and observable aspects of God's creation, the Cosmos. The collection of fables which make up the majority of the Bible are actually various dramas of Solar Mythology."

"According to the Bible, Mankind was created in the image of God. If we envision God in the likeness of man , does this include human frailties? Being created in the image of God does not mean what most of us have believed throughout our lives. When the Ancients wrote that we were created in God's image they were propounding a hypotheses based on human correlations to the Cosmos.... These correlations exist between the human species and the total universe, inclusive of the solar system .... "

The Ancients studied even further into the relational parallels between the human species and the solar system. Within the chronology of the Solar System, they found analogies that can only be described as astounding and categorically conclusive in proving the correlative link between humanity ( the microcosm) and the universe ( the macrocosm).

Malik H. Jabbar, author of The Plot, The Cause, The Solution and The Biggest Lie Ever Told, has taken another giant leap against current religious thinking with his latest book. He uses astronomical analogy to illustrate that the Gospels are analogous to Solar mythology, and that human kind patterns its behavior on the Cosmos. with the use of graphics, he uses the ecliptic of the sun, the vernal equinox, the autumnal equinox, the winter solstice, the summer solstice to explain the origin of the god myth and its relationship to the myths of other "saviors" including Jesus Christ in ancient mythology and current religious beliefs.

"The Ancients saw the universe and their immediate environment as well as the capacities embodied within their own intellect trustworthy representations of the Creator God

The Universe (terrestrial and celestial) appeared to our ancestors as the only authentic image of the Father. The Cosmos was undoubtedly His Handiwork and we, the human creation was likewise the Handiwork of the Almighty. The ancients personified the elements of the cosmos and recorded the movements of the stars and planets as personified deities and demons..

Malik H. Jabbar explores in depth a correlation between astronomical/ astrological foundations and the Christ Myth. Using December 25 as the birth date of the "Savior" he draws implications using the winter solstice as an ancient tool used to depict the position of celestial bodies. In his carefully researched essay, he lists the names of other "Saviors" believed to have been born on December 25:

Krishna of India. His mother's name was Maia. His uncle, Kams, the ruler at the time of his birth sought to kill Krishna because he had heard a prophecy that Krishna would overthrow him. Krishna escaped death by being smuggled out to the area to safety.

Mithra of Persia, born on December 25, and his birth was witnessed by Shepherds who brought gifts to honor him. Isis gave birth Horus of Egypt was born on December 25. His mother, to him in a swamp after she was warned by the god Thoth to flee and conceal the child from the evil Set.

Buddha of India, born on December 25 of a virgin named Maya. At his birth he was visited by Wise men who declared they had seen signs of his birth. Mr. Jabber 9 s thorough research shows that many gods and saviors were reputed to have been born of virgin mothers and their birth had been astrologically and astronomically prophesied.. The fact that so many saviors were alleged to have been born on the same day of the year, under the same and similar circumstances in different parts of the world throughout history indicates a common mythology. All these saviors including Jesus can be referred to as solar gods because the births, lives, and deaths can be correlated to the transit cycles of the sun.

In The Astrological Foundation of The Christ Myth p Malik H. Jabbar uses the four cycles of the sun: summer cycle, fall cycle, winter cycle, and spring cycle to explain the symbolism connected to the Christ myth. "Throughout the Bible , Jesus ( the sun) is always traveling. While in its glory the Sun (Jesus) brings truth and light to the world. Jabbar selects 10 events from the gospel of Jesus Christ and uses astronomical analogy to explain the Christ myth that evolved from them. One example was the depiction of Christ entering Jerusalem riding upon a colt and an ass. The astronomical analogy states: Jerusalem is the Summer solstice, the Apex, the highest point in the Sun's travels. Ever since the Sun crossed the vernal equinox, its focus has been on Jerusalem. The Christ entering Jerusalem riding upon two asses refers to two prominent stars which the Sun rides (crosses) within the constellation of Cancer ( ( the sign of the summer solstice).

The stars are Asellus Borealis (Northern Ass) and Asellus Australis (Southern Ass). "The child god is said to be born of a Virgin. This, of course represents the constellation of Virgo. Virgo had command of the Fall equinox at the time of this passage was edited by the Priesthood and Virgo represented the fall of the fetus in the trimester before its birth." "The child god was prophesied to be born in Bethlehem. The word Bethlehem means House of Bread which represents the Astrological sign of Virgo ( a woman holding a stalk of wheat)."

In reference to the shepherds watching their flocks in December, the author offers a explanation. There is no confusion when we realize that the reference is to the Solar Sun not to the human son. Within the region of the sky identified astrologically as the sector of Capricorn is a constellation known as Cepheus ( the king). Within this constellation are two stars which the sun touches or crosses at its birth. Their names are Errai ( The Shepherd) and Alfirk (The Flock).

This is not a book to be read in one sitting. This book, packed with well researched information, is thought provoking for serious students of the Bible. It gives an insight as to why there is such fascination by so many people about the heavens and the celestial bodies that make up the cosmos.


Viola Wilkinson is a free- lance writer living in Cincinnati, Ohio.



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Origin Of The Mythological Heaven


Resurrection Myth Explained




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